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The Feedback page example!

This page is designed so that your users can write a message to the site support team. By default, the page contains only the page name and input form. But you can add a cover photo to its, optionally write an introductory text before the form and additional text after the form.

The meaning of this page concerns questions and answers, so it’s quite logical to put the corresponding photo here and place a short FAQ after the input form. So that you understand how this will actually look, we wrote a demo fragment "How to install..." in the block of additional text.

Fields marked with a red dot in the left corner are required.

How to install...

If you wish to install CMS yourself, installing is a simple process and takes about three minutes to complete. Before you begin the install, there are two steps you need to have and do on your computer side:

1.1. Download and unzip the package if you have not already.

1.2. Upload two extracted files to the root of your web server, for example

The following two steps are the final operations that must be performed on the hosting side:

2.1. Create a database for CMS on your web server, as well as a MySQL user for this database.

2.2. Run the CMS installation script by opening the page in a web browser.

The CMS should now be installed. The following screenshots show how the installation progresses through five simple steps. The first slide shows how to start the installation from scratch. And the link below on the same slide allows you to start installing CMS in update mode.

The following slide shows how to enter your MySQL configuration into the installation script. The checkbox below allows you to immediately add several demo publications to the database or leave it clean.

On the next screen, you can enter the site license key. This screen is only for certain commercial versions of CMS and may be skipped for other versions. The TravellerTales theme is for the non-commercial version of CMS, so you can skip this screen.

The following slide shows how to enter a username and password to access the administration panel of your site. Please select a secure password.

The following slide indicates a successful installation. It contains links to go to the client side of your site and its administrative panel.

Thank you for attention! We remind you that this CMS is perfect open-source platform for developing your site. Every year, CMS produces beautiful free templates for different businesses.

Hint for webmaster: Each page is rendered using some markup file located in the site template. Rendering of this page was started from file html/feedback.htm. If your site does not require such type of pages, just delete the specified file from the template or disable related module.

Caution: These hints are visible at the bottom of the page only in demo mode. To remove such hints for webmaster from around the site, just delete the file html/modules/technical.htm from the template. And if you need to remove the hint only from a specific page, remove the tag {modTechnical} in the markup file of that page.