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Editing the Media File page

Fields to attach a file to this page
Fields to name the page
On the slang of SEO-masters, this field is called the H1 tag and precedes the body of the page. There is a misconception that this field is the most important for promotion in search engines. You should know all the details about the H1 tag.
In this field, enter the right part of the address of the current page relative to the base entry point . Through this full address, formed as a result of the merger of the left and right parts, visitors to your site will be able to go to this page. The address should not overlap with the address of other pages of the site. If you do not touch this field and leave it blank, the address will be automatically written as a transliteration of the "Page Name" field into the Latin alphabet from the main language of your site.
Fields to present on search
This field contains the text for the window of the opened page. If you leave it blank, this field will be automatically set equal to the field with the page name. Experienced SEO-masters write here the name of the page and add some relevant word, for example the name of the category, through the separating slash or hyphen character. However, the main idea should be placed in the first 40 characters, since the rest of the line is not visible in the site snippet on the search server.
In this field, it is recommended to enter the text that briefly tells what is contained in this page. The main idea should be placed in the first 100 characters - this is about 2 lines, since the rest of the text is not visible in the site snippet on the search server. However, you need to understand that the search server can ignore your meta description for some search queries and replace it with more relevant lines from the full text of the same page.
Enter a few key phrases exactly in the form that your visitor is most likely to search for such page on the search. Separate phrases with a comma. List them in order from more important to less. Tags are also separated by commas. Try to get closer to the same spelling of tags as this page would be hashed by your visitor when posting on the wall of a social network.
Fields to write a main text of the page
[!-- AddPosts Body remark --]
Fields to write an additional text
[!-- AddPosts SEO remark --]

Hint for webmaster: Each page is rendered using some markup file located in the site template. Rendering of this page was started from file html/add-file.htm. If your site does not require such type of pages, just delete the specified file from the template or disable related module.

Caution: These hints are visible at the bottom of the page only in demo mode. To remove such hints for webmaster from around the site, just delete the file html/modules/technical.htm from the template. And if you need to remove the hint only from a specific page, remove the tag {modTechnical} in the markup file of that page.